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Being one of the best internet service providers, we offer Quality Broadband Connections.

Internet Lease Line

Being one of the best Internet Lease Line provider we offer fast internet services throughout Bihar and Jharkhand.

Digital TV Recharge

Recharging TV plan becomes easier when you do it through Instanet.

How Instanet Works?

Instanet provides high speed internet connection via multiple types of technical advancements including fiber optics, wireless cable, etc.

Fiber optics transmit large amounts of data at high speed by sending light pulses via strands of fiber. Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) uses radio waves rather than cables to connect a house or company to the internet.  For long-distance and high-performance data networking, fiber optics is utilized. It’s also found in telecommunications services like the internet, television, and phones. For many years, copper wire cables were the standard for telecommunication, networking, and cable connections. Fiber optics, on the other hand, became a popular option over time. Fiber optic cables now make up the majority of telephone company long-distance lines. 

Grow your business with Instanet’s Internet Lease Line Services

Accelerate your company’s growth with Instanet’s internet lease line connections in a new era where cloud, video, web, and mobile are driving demand tremendously. From digital behemoths to cloud service providers and telecom carriers, our private lines solutions keep them connected. We provide unmatched global connectivity and business continuity around the clock. Your systems will never be a hindrance to your business with the technology enabled by our private line solutions. Your firm may grow without stress because of dedicated point-to-point connectivity and large-scale international capacity services provided by Instanet.

Why Choose Us

In this digitally evolving world, people need high speed data to perform their task
effectively. That’s why they choose Instanet to manage their online work in an
efficient manner. The customer centric plan and ultra-speed data packs have
made us one of the best internet service providers in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Real Tech Support

The technicians associated with us are highly qualified & skilful and will be more than happy to resolve your queries.

Quick Bill Pay

Using our internet connection enables you to pay your electricity and other bills much quickly.

New Connection

If you are not satisfied with the present connection, you can always request for the new connection.

Plan Upgrade

If any user wants to upgrade their existing plan then it can happen just with a click.

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Instanet Features

Never Before Time

The data packs provided by us never expire before time. If you have chosen a monthly plan then you will get data services until your plan expires.

Best Plans

Instanet offers you variety of plans as per your need at affordable rates.

Demo At Home

Technicians visiting your home for Wi-Fi installation will give you a demo of how fast one can download videos with Instanet connection.

Easy Installation

We are known to offer rapid service and when you call us for a new connection, the professional visiting your home will install the Wi-Fi device very quickly.

How We Work?

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