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About Us

Our Company Provide High Quality Internet

Instanet is an internet service provider company that has entered into the industry to revolutionize the way you use the internet. Mr Shikhar Kumar established the brand in 2017 with a vision of delivering top-quality internet services. We have assembled technology and networking to offer you a product that fulfills your digital aspirations.

Our Trust Legacy

Instanet is one of the most trusted internet service provider company in Bihar and Jharkhand. We have earned this legacy after delivering unmatchable internet speeds in remote areas where people had just heard about fast internet services.

Why choose us

The Benefits of Choosing Us

Easy Booking

Getting our services anywhere is just a click away. We believe in providing fast internet services.

OTT Benefits

We offer attractive packages incorporated with excellent services for you.

Technical Support

You can always contact us for all your queries and support required.

Affordable Data Plan

Enjoy highly affordable data plan which suits all your different requirements of data in your daily life.

Uninterrupted & Lag-free Surfing

Our high speed connection gives you continuous streaming of data; therefore you do not get distracted in middle of a work or activity.

Our Features

Our Distinguishing Factors


Expert Engineers

Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that none of the customer faces interruptions while using our internet services.


Experience Skills

The professionals associated with us are highly skilled and experienced to cater with top-quality services.


Low Cost

Internet service provided by us is affordable to all as we believe in giving finest quality in a cost-friendly manner.


Client Assurance

We provide top quality services to all the customers associated with us and ensure that they enjoy fast internet.


Trusted Work​

You can trust us as people, get mesmerized with our services, and call us as one of the best internet service providers in Bihar and Jharkhand.


High Quality​

To give you unmatched internet services, we use high quality devices like routers, wireless cables, modems, and many more.