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“Enjoy your favorite movies or web series with superfast internet speed offered by Instanet broadband connection.”

How our Industry Developed in The Past Years

As the need for internet connections increased, the broadband industries started growing and we too grew at the same pace. People these days prefer watching movies online rather than on television, and these changes have helped players like us to grow significantly. It would not be wrong to say that internet service has now become as essential as our basic needs. One can’t imagine a day without using the internet, be it for entertainment or for official tasks, but it has become a necessity. In this digitally advanced era, it has become the need of the hour to choose one of the best internet service providers in Bihar to manage all your digital tasks.

Access To the Unlimited Entertainment With Our Broadband Plans With OTT

If you also watch a movie before going to sleep, then Instanet broadband connection is for you. We give unlimited data so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without any distraction or disturbance. We know how it feels to watch a thriller episode on slow internet. Students were asked to take online classes during lockdown and that too also demanded fast internet services. Moreover, office goers had to work from home because of the restrictions imposed due to Covid, and obviously they were in need of fast internet services to complete their work. Acknowledging the same, our technical staffs install Wi-Fi at your residence within minutes. The internet service provided by us has helped many to get rid of loneliness they experienced during lockdown. Net consumption grew much at that time when people were asked to stay inside the home to prevent coronavirus.

Fast internet initiates increase in productivity

If you are running a corporate house or working as an employee, you must understand the importance of a good internet connection. Bad connectivity wastes much of your time, which can also lead to loss of revenue. One must have noticed employees complaining about the bad internet connection and employers should listen to it as it hampers quality of work. Giving fast internet connection enables employees to work in an efficient manner.


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  • Half Yearly: Rs 2000
  • Yearly: Rs 3700
  • Plans: Unlimited
  • 99% Internet Uptime
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    Internet + TV

  • Monthly: Rs 600
  • Quaterly: Rs 1600
  • Half Yearly: Rs 3000
  • Yearly: Rs 5700
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    Internet + TV

  • Monthly: Rs 700
  • Quaterly: Rs 1900
  • Half Yearly: Rs 3500
  • Yearly: Rs 6700
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    Internet + TV

  • Monthly: Rs 850
  • Quaterly: Rs 2300
  • Half Yearly: Rs 4330
  • Yearly: Rs 8200
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