Internet Lease Line Service

“Internet Lease Line of Instanet helps businesses grow and run smoothly by providing fast internet services.”

Enjoy secure internet connection

Opting Instanet’s Internet Lease Line services gives corporate houses several benefits. An Internet Lease Line is a premium Internet connectivity service provided by us to increase your productivity. With Internet Lease Line Connection from Instanet, you get secured and symmetrical bandwidth supported by Enterprise-grade. Choosing our internet connection provides un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. If you need consistent and strong internet speeds to enhance your business, then contact the professionals at Instanet.

We understand your business goals

Instanet is one of the most trustworthy internet service providers in Bihar and Jharkhand and internet lease line service provided by us has helped many corporate houses grow. With Instanet you need not worry about cyber threats as opting for our service keeps you secure from unwanted bugs. We provide you with reliable and dedicated internet service that is enough to fulfill your business-related goals. With our international private lines, your business reaches the global region and expands widely.

High Performance Internet Lease Line Connection

We provide high speed data to scale your business globally with no compromise on reliability and quality. Our workmen are on their toes to render you desired service needed to fulfill for business-related aspirations. A lease line connection is basically a contract between the internet service provider and the user. The provider delivers a symmetrical or bidirectional telecommunications line that connects two or more locations and demands money accordingly. If you don’t want to share your internet connection with anyone else, then lease line service is for you.

Why Instanet Lease Line

  • Expert Engineers : Our engineers are skilled enough to deliver a high quality product that best suits your business related goals.
  • Experience :With experienced and skilled workmen, quality-oriented service is assured to our customers.
  • Low Cost :We provide the finest service on a budget and for this reason only, people call us one of the best internet service provider in India.
  • Reliable Services​ :Business Houses that really want to enhance the quality of their service rely on Instanet to fulfill their digital aspirations.
  • Trusted Work​ :Instanet is one of the most trusted brands that deals in providing internet services to the clients.
  • High Quality​ :We provide high quality products to our customers maintaining their satisfaction level.


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  • Half Yearly: Rs 2000
  • Yearly: Rs 3700
  • Plans: Unlimited
  • 99% Internet Uptime
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    Internet + TV

  • Monthly: Rs 600
  • Quaterly: Rs 1600
  • Half Yearly: Rs 3000
  • Yearly: Rs 5700
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    Internet + TV

  • Monthly: Rs 700
  • Quaterly: Rs 1900
  • Half Yearly: Rs 3500
  • Yearly: Rs 6700
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    Internet + TV

  • Monthly: Rs 850
  • Quaterly: Rs 2300
  • Half Yearly: Rs 4330
  • Yearly: Rs 8200
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